Company Policies

Why do I need Company Policies?

Company Policies are one of management’s ways of documenting and communicating the Company’s vision to employees. They explain what is acceptable and what is not, what is tolerated and what is prohibited. It provides the employee’s with a framework of what to do in certain situations and how to handle particular circumstances in a standardised and consistent manner.

Imagine an engaged and valuable employee being bullied by a check collecting manager. The absence of a grievance policy could result in the likely event of a disappointing resignation from a value adding employee and the subsequent retention of a corporate bully. Imagine an employee being sexually harassed by a fellow colleague and the subsequent damage to not only the brand and image of the organisation, but more importantly the dignity of one of your people, all because of the lack of a sexual harassment policy.

Ensuring that such policies are in place can eradicate the loss of good people by supplying them with options, with channels and avenues whereby their concerns can be raised and addressed accordingly. Blatant benefits to the ‘no-brainer’ policies such as a leave policy; exhibits foresight on behalf of the Employer by pro-actively communicating the leave entitlements of employees and the actions to take in the event of one’s absence due to personal circumstances, illness etc Communicating the organizations expectations to the employee upfront will only decrease the amount of disciplinary hearings for unauthorised absence and failing to report one’s absence to the business.

Additionally, in the event that the Company has these policies in place, they provide for solid evidence in such disciplinary hearings as having communicated the ruled to the employee’s prior to the contravention of such rules.

Company policies really do provide for a win-win situation…. Equip your people with the standardised and consistent manner in which the Company deals with matters… the Company will have the opportunity to outline and stipulate what works for that particular business and the employees will know and understand exactly where they stand at all times.

Enusre that your company policies are in order and that your code of conduct abides by the labour law.

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